St Paul’s Church and Community Centre closed to reduce spread of coronavirus

Closure of St Paul’s Church and Community Centre until further notice

Following the Government’s adoption of strict measures limiting public life in order to control the spread of the coronavirus, and specifically the directives to close places of worship, prevent social gatherings and to stay at home, both the church and St Paul’s Community Centre have been closed until further notice.  Please read the pastoral letter from Revd Susan Bolen for further information. 

As a consequence, a number of our regular community events have been suspended:

  • Lunch Club (Tuesday)
  • Community Café (Thursday)
  • Friday Club (Friday)
  • Tea & Toys (normally Tuesdays, in church)
  • All planned concerts and recitals (church and Community Centre)

Events and activities offered by our partners such as Dance Addiction and Rugby Tots, which normally take place in the Community Centre, will not run until we are open again. Church concerts and recitals will be re-scheduled, wherever possible, once life returns to normal.

We appreciate that the closure will affect many people in the community for whom our services are very important parts of their lives.  We greatly regret this impact, but we feel sure you will understand that the closure is absolutely necessary to protect public health and the wellbeing of our community in the current emergency.

If you are vulnerable and alone and need support, or are just concerned and would like to chat, please do keep in touch and let us know how we can help.  For those of you who live in our parish, but don’t attend St Paul’s, please know that we are at your service regardless of your faith.

We look forward to serving the community again, just as soon as we can safely reopen our doors.

For further information and updates about St Paul’s Community Centre, please keep visiting the website or contact:

Sam Egan
St Paul’s Community Centre
t: 020 8785 6327