Glass Door in Southfields

Glassdoor is the largest Winter Night Shelter in London and operates across South West London. A Wandsworth section started in 2016 and St Barnabas Southfields participates on Friday evenings. This year’s cycle will begin on Friday 10th of November. This year there will be men and women staying. Glassdoor is professionally run so one experienced member of staff is present all evening and at least 2 night staff stay on the premises until the morning.

Currently we do have plenty of volunteers for the evening but some more would always be welcome on Saturday mornings which will allow the possibility of providing a better breakfast. The ideal at the heart of Glassdoor is to treat homeless people, who often experience hostility and violence, with dignity and hospitality. The main tasks for volunteers is to prepare St Barnabas halls for supper, produce food for a nourishing three course meal, provide warm drinks, to welcome our guests and to wash up afterwards as they prepare to sleep. For more information see . People from the church and the local community have found it a valuable and rewarding experience.

We’ll be CAROL SINGING in and around Southfields 
in aid of GLASS DOOR 

Monday December 18th   6-7pm at the Tube Station
Tuesday December 19th  between 7 and 9pm “Southfields Gardens”                  (meet at the Vicarage at 7pm)