Last Sunday after Trinity (22/11/2015)

Pewsheet 22 November 2015

Sermon for this Sunday LIVNG IN THE TRUTH


For some, Truth is a fortress, square and strong,
In which, once entered, safety lies.
Only like-minded people dwell there,
None disturb the calm and certain sureties of belief.
Outside, the World pursues its way, its noise and clamour,
Offering small attraction to those whose knowledge keeps them safe
Beyond the drawbridge of conviction.
If any try to breach the bastions of tradition,
They are repelled with boiling scorn.
Truth is impregnable.

For others, Truth is both journey and discovery,
A way, which leads and urges without rest.
No castle for retreat, but camps where fellow pilgrims join
To take refreshment in each other’s company.
Assorted in experience, they enrich, enlighten, challenge and
Go on to further exploration.  Travelling light.
Knowing that in this life all is provisional: seeking fulfilment,
To the end and explanation of the quest.

Ann Lewin Candles and Kingfishers.