Conversion of St Paul (28/1/2018)

Pewsheet 28 January 2018

Apostle (St Paul)

An enemy whom God has made a friend,
A righteous man discounting righteousness,
Last to believe and first for God to send,
He found the fountain in the wilderness.
Thrown to the ground and raised at the same moment,
A prisoner who set his captors free,
A naked man with love his only garment,

A blinded man who helped the world to see,
A Jew who had been perfect in the law,
Blesses the flesh of every other race
And helps them see what the apostles saw;
The glory of the lord in Jesus’ face.
Strong in his weakness, joyful in his pains,
And bound by love, he freed us from our chains.

Malcolm Guite

Epiphany 3 (21/1/2018)

Pewsheet 21 January 2018

Food for Thought

Epiphany at Cana by Malcolm Guite

Here’s an epiphany to have and hold,
A truth that you can taste upon the tongue,
No distant shrines and canopies of gold
Or ladders to be clambered rung by rung,
But here and now, amidst your daily living,
Where you can taste and touch and feel and see,
The spring of love, the fount of all forgiving,
Flows when you need it, rich, abundant, free.

Better than waters of some outer weeping,
That leave you still with all your hidden sin,
Here is a vintage richer for the keeping
That works its transformation from within.
‘What price?’ you ask me, as we raise the glass,
‘It cost our Saviour everything he has.’

Dr Malcolm Guite is a priest-poet, singer-songwriter
and Chaplain and Fellow of Girton College, Cambridge

Find his blog here

Epiphany 2 (14/1/2018)

Pewsheet 14 January 2018


Jesus, seeker of friends,
even when others expected little of you
you found the joy to bring much from them.

Nurture our imaginations, so that when we are given little,
we can expect much,
and in so doing,
see a harvest where others were planning for poverty.

We ask this because we flourish in kindness,
and we know that you made kindness flourish.


It’s me that God wants, not a hypothetical, polished version of me. And as I look more intently at his face, I’m sure I will find myself changed. But that’s God’s work to do, not mine. I’ve only got one job: draw near.”  Claire Jones

Epiphany (7/1/2018)

Pewsheet 7 January 2018


Holy God, Prince of Peace;
Emmanuel, God with us;
Wonderful Counsellor –

Loving God of many names
we bring our whole selves to you:
the whole of us, known by you before birth,
the whole of us, known before naming.

You know and love us beyond
label, pedigree, lineage or genetics.

In, and through your holy name
we pray for all scarred or killed
because of their name,
and ask your blessing on all
new–borns named before you today.