Advent 3 (17/12/2017)

Pewsheet 17 December 2017


CHRISTIANS are called to be saints and not heroes. As Stanley Hauerwas observes, today’s culture has a particular need of heroic figures. It is repeatedly let down by those it raises to this status. After each disappointment it finds another hero in whom to invest its hope. Heroes are always the central figure in the story of their deeds. The saint, on the other hand, “is just a small character in a story that is always fundamentally about God” (Samuel Wells in Rupert Shortt’s God’s Advocates, DLT, 2005).


God of the gospels,
Now we see you, now we don’t.
Sometimes even our own conflicts confound us
and our lives and stories
are difficult to read.
When understanding evades us,
may we find those things
that will keep us steady:
love, joy, faithfulness, generosity,
hospitality, rest, solidarity, belief and truth.
Because even though you’re sometimes
hard to follow, hard to find,
we know that these things
keep us steady.