Advent 2 (10/12/2017)

Pewsheet 10 December 2017

Sermon Mark 1 1-8 NvF


Who are the people whose powerful and wild words make you pay attention today?

You may wish to reflect on the resistances to such voices. Are these voices discredited because of their origin, their tone, their language, their syntax, their grammar?

Resistances can sometimes – not always, but sometimes – be an indication of a refusal to engage. How can we put down our arms and listen?

After examining your resistances, listen again: What are those wild and powerful voices saying? What do they know? What are they calling us to?


In the name of the Bee
and of the Butterfly
and of the Breeze.

In the name of locusts
and wild words
and wild honey.

In the name of bombs
and breathing
and brilliance.

In the name of escape,
and engagement
and armour.

In the name of everything
and nothing
and whatever will save us.

In the name of this small moment.
Yes, this small moment.
This very small moment.