A sermon on the opportunity of Advent for renewal (9/12/2018)

A sermon by Revd William Allberry on the opportunity presented by Advent to be open to the constant renewal that God offers.  Delivered at the Sung Communion service on Sunday 9th December 2018 (Second Sunday of Advent).

A sermon on Advent 2 (C) Sun 9 Dec 2018

Readings:  Malachi 3.1-4, Philippians 1.3-11, Luke 3.1-6

There’s an old Persian proverb which says, ‘A place where the sun always shines is a desert’.  We might add to that from the experience of Christian faith, and say that a faith which only survives in the sunshine of certainty, never having to experience the darkness of doubt, is no true faith.  A strong faith withstands doubt; but there’s more to it than just that: the doubt makes the faith stronger, more real.

Advent is for us a season of darkness, a season of cold, but this event that it leads to really does represent the salvation of the world.  Advent shows us that God does come to answer our doubts and uncertainties.

Pewsheet 9th December 2018