A sermon on baptism as a symbol of ‘washing our hearts’

In our service today, we have two baptisms. Like Jesus, we are baptised with water. In baptism, we receive a symbolic ‘washing of our hearts’. God cares about what goes on inside us, and God knows that we cannot wash our own hearts. So, when we are baptised, God ‘washes our hearts’ with the Holy Spirit, through our faith in Jesus, to make us right with God and bring us into the family of God.

A sermon on baptism and the ‘washing of our hearts’, by Asst. Curate Rev Dr Nicky von Fraunhofer.  Delivered at the All-age Communion service on Sunday 2nd September 2018 (Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity).

Based on readings:  Mark 7.1-8,14,15,21-23; Song of Solomon 2.8-13; James 1 17-27.

Mark 7 1-23 NvF All Age